Is it REALLY All About ME?

“Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!”, to quote Bob Pinciotti.

I’m BRAND new to WordPress, but not to posting. I’ve been drawing and creating two-dimensional images with both traditional and digital media for well over a decade (that’s as specific as I’ll get until I know you better). In recent years, I’ve been posting my work mainly at DeviantArt and at PencilJack. I’ll be posting much of what I’d done on those forums here as well, and you will soon see what interests me most (regardless of my personal shame), and in no particular order: busty women, and all things science-ficiton and superhero. As often as possible, I combine them all.

To start, I’ll be posting works from early in my (career), and steadily working up to my later efforts, until this blog is synchronized with my most recent work. A technical note or two: mostly I draw with a standard #2 (HB to you pros) pencil on sketchbook, then color (if any) in Photoshop, and my image posts will be png format, at screen resolution.

And one more thing (you’ll find that when I’m in the mood, I can be quite loquacious): I’ll also be attempting to parallel this blog on Blogger, just to keep things confusing. So just know that you can always skip my verbiage and just look at the pictures, without hurting my feelings.

And just so you know who it is you’re leering at, these first three are self portraits, the first being about 10 years old, and the other two only a year or so old.

Please comment and/or critique often, at least so’s I don’t get to feelin’ like I’m just talking to myself…and thanks for looking!

Self Portrait from 2001

Self Portrait from August 2009

Self Portrait from August 2009

Self portrait from October 2009

Self portrait from October 2009

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