Old Stuff 01 “Fleischer-Like Superman”(from 12-19-2009)

So…….it’s only been about 6 months since my last (and first………and only) post. And to accompany the facelift I’ve given it, I’ll begin to implement my original paln: catching up with old work, until I synch with my new stuff here. So here’s the first:

I was re-watching “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” (the one about Chuck Barris’ life as a CIA hit-man), and was struck by one shot of George Clooney. I got caught up trying to emphasize his block-like jaw, ……and that led me to Superman.

(click image for larger view)

Here’s colors. I really started just to put flat colors in just to see how it would look, but as usually happens when i get in PhotoShop, I get carried away. I wound up trying to evoke something of the old Fleischer Studios’ Superman with the coloring.

(click image for larger view)

So………I guess that makes this a semi-annual event for me (or is it “demi”? “Hemi”?)