Old Stuff 03 “A Better Superman”(from: 01-30-2010)

I ran across this concept at Penciljack some time ago (“I Can Do Better”), and decided to jump on it. I guess you’re supposed put the most recent first? So: here it is, finished late January of 2010-

(click on image for larger view)


(July 2011 Update)

(I recently updated the layout of the above peice, fixing some things that I thought didn’t work, and which always bothered me, and adding some more flair. Some people might say I made it busier)


And so: working backwards, here’s just the linework from the peice above:

This is the clean-up of the artwork, the version prior to the above:

(click iamge for larger view)

And the version before that:

And the version before that, wherein I first put Supe’s uniform on him:

(click on image for larger view)

And finally, here’s the original drawing:

Superman © DC Comics

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