Old Stuff 09 “Hubba-Hubba Woman” (from: 11-13-2010)

This is my FIRST ever drawing of Wonder Woman (I mostly have drawn Supergirl and PowerGirl). This is early after a 4 month period of NOT drawing, wherein I usually draw in a more cartoony style until I get my confidence and skills back up. I later did a more “decent” drawing of WW for a little girl in my building:

This is only the second drawing of Wonder Woman I’ve done ever. I’d done another (in a skimpier costume, and with greater, er, “assets”) , and while I was drawing, a little girl in my building asked if I could draw Wonder Woman (not realizing that I was drawing her right then). My neighbor said I should draw a more “decent” version, and give it to the girl. So this is my idea of a “little-girl-safe” Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman © DC Comics


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