“Buck” Celis: Drawing out a Fantasy

This is an old one. I re-drew a classic panel from an old “Buck Rogers” strip, which had been re-printed in a National Geographic book on the history of space-exploration. I substituted my likeness for Buck’s, and added the “microphone”. I linked this as my second only submission to Illustration Friday, topic: “Disguise”.

(click on image for larger view):


The House of El

Recent tries at Powergirl, Supergirl (Tween and adult) and Superman, or: Kara, Karen and Kal……

Adult Supergirl. I reflected that this one shows considerable Loston Wallace influence, not that I’m comparing myself to him, or consider myself anywhere NEAR as talented……

Detail and variations of the same from when I was cleaning it up:

The latest in my attempts to draw a figure in forced perspective

Obsessed with Space Babes (Some NSFW)

I went through a Space Babe obsession from the end of June until the end of July



The same as above, but with clothes on:

You might note my attempt at the way Chris Sanders draws his womens’ heads in the one above. In another thread, I’ll post all my attempts at immitating his style.

NSFW: Space Gal Studies

A preliminary layout I was toying with, as well as a logo:

Same as the last one in the previous post above, with color work in progress:

and a detail:

Definitely nsfw

These two are nude, mostly ’cause that’s how I start out, and I’m not so confident with costumes yet. Still: some of my best work so far (imo), so please take a look, but NOT at work, and not in the presence of children. (NUDITY only: no sexual content)

NSFW: Space Gal B)

NSFW: Space Gal C)