For Illustration Friday, Subject: “Sight”

Some “relatively” recent work with, at least, “eyes” as subject matter, which comes closest to this week’s Illustration Friday topic.



~ by Mark's on Paper on May 19, 2012.

8 Responses to “For Illustration Friday, Subject: “Sight””

  1. Or puppy…

  2. That poor bunny looks so sad or ashamed. Maybe he stole a piece of carrot cake when his mom wasn’t looking!

  3. Wow, really great technique with the eyes. You really went overboard with that sad-faced critter at the top, wow! So cute and silly. And sad!

    • Thanks. I think the technique was the result of coming off of a LOT of drawing during that run (always had the sketchbook beside me). As for the Doggy/Bunny, I have to admit that I was aiming for the same effect as Puss N’ Boots form the Shrek movies.

  4. Love the eyes.

    • It’s a little bit of a stretch, but you can’t have sight without ’em, or can you?

  5. Love the sad bunny with his big big eyes.

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