Batman: My First Digital Inking

I’d recently seen the Warner Bros.’ Animation DVD: “Gotham Knight”, and was inspired to draw Batman striking a dramatic pose. This is my first attempt to “ink” digitally. Done in Photoshop CS1 (yes: CS1! Remember: I’m the guy that still uses dial-up), with a Wacom stylus. I was just going to “ink” this as a practice/first experiment, but liked how it turned out so well that I went ahead and finished it. Below are the four main stages of this peice, from the finished to the original drawing, in descending order.

Batman ©DC Comics

1) Final Color Version

Batman: final color

2) Intermediate Stage Colored

Intermediate Color stage Batman

3) Ink version with cel shading

Digital Inks with Cel Shading, Batman

4) Original Pencil version

Original Pencil Drawing, Batman


Kevin Parks made this gif of the above:


Batman Progression


Please visit his blog: Drawn to Distraction. He’s currently doing some really fun and creative work for the SkADaMo (Sketch A Day Month, 2012)

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