1943 Batman Raygun Clip

Batman '43 Emblem

From the 1943 Columbia Pictures’ serial: “Batman”.

In “Chapter 4: Slaves of the Rising Sun”, Batman climbs atop a moving armored car, containing two of Dr. Daka’s henchmen. Using the Radium-Gun captured from the Doctor, he blasts his way in.Batman - Chapter 4: "Slaves of the Rising Sun" (title card)

Besides the title card, I captured several others of the titles sequence, combining them in Photoshop to get a clean version of the emblem, which is surprisingly consistent with Batman emblems throughout the character’s history. I matched the font as close as I could, and if any person out there knows the exact font used in the titles, I’d really like to know what it is.

Evil Dr Daka

The Evil Dr. Daka

I originally captured these three frames from the sequence, because of the dramatic, low-angle lighting on Batman, the position he was standing in, and because of the rareness of him holding ANY gun, let alone a RAY gun). I intend to do an illustration based on them. I put them together here in a gif to make a short animation.

Bat Radium-Gun animation




You can find a more detailed description of the serial and this episode here (along with many other images):
Legions of Gotham: Serial 1943

© 1943, renewed 1971 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. © 2005 Detective Comics, Inc. All Rights Reserved


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