Addicted to Photoshop

This week’s Weekly Sketch Group at Penciljack (heretofore to be referred to as “WSG”) includes the characters from “Kick-Ass”. And, yes, the WSG’s do tend to be influenced by upcoming comic-book movies. The “Pin-up” subject is “Batgirl”. So: I was kicking around an idea of doing Hit-Girl and Batgirl together, Batgirl saying to her: “I suppose I was your role-model growing up?”, to which Hit-Girl was going to say: “And,  you are?”

So I roughed out the poses, then started some Google Images research on Hit-Girl, as I wasn’t to familiar with her costume. Just for a study/preparation, I later did a sketch of Hit-Girl’s head, trying to capture her (and Chloe Moretz‘) features in general, although at this point, i wasn’t using references.

The head sketch, even though not leaned up, turned out (I think) pretty good, so, as only one other person had posted anything on the WSG this morning thus far, I was excited to post the sketch as a kind of placeholder for the piece I mentioned above, and be maybe the second guy to post on the group to boot.

After scanning it, and cleaning it up a (little, I swear), I was JUST gonna add some flat colors. It’s now 4:45 am Tuesday…………it sorta got away from me……………

The only bit of the original linework that remains is in the hair. Although I’d done the drawing without references, I had downloaded some really good, high-rez images of Chloe (Hit-Girl) close-up, and I religiously referred to three of them for the lighting and shading. I did more “frisketing” this time, to get the hard-edges. And I did use the smear tool quite a bit, with the spatter-shaped brush (whatever it’s named), but other than that, I didn’t use Photoshop “cheats”, except a few times I used the blur tool on spots, mostly to save time, but not as a habit on this piece.


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