About Mark

I am a Graphic Designer by trade, an artist by birth, and a writer/animator/illustrator by ambition. I have been a cat-person practically from birth. It occurs to me since my faith is important to me, I should mention it_I am currently not practicing, but I have been many denominations including Presbyterian, Foursquare, and Baptist, I’ve taught both 6th-grade and college-age Sunday School. I was also the staff artist at Van Nuys Baptist for 5 years. I suppose I would consider therapy my religion right now. After High School I took Commercial Art at West Valley Occupational Center. After my first Tech-art job, my next job was as the staff artist at First Baptist Church of Van Nuys (ending up as the editor as well as the designer and paste-up artist). Had a couple of other jobs in the Graphics field, as well as attending CSUN to completion of my Sophomore year (first: Art Major, then Radio/TV/Film major), went to SoundMasters’ Trade school to become a TV Cameraman/Tech Director, and had unskilled jobs ’til the big “Downsizing” craze of the ’80’s, went back to WVOC for graphics again in ’94, and until late ’06, had about 4 or 5 different jobs in the Graphics field, mostly at print shops. A couple years ago, I started drawing again (on and off) and I’ve been drawing consistently for the past few months, noticing real improvement. I’ve lived by myself in a “bachelor” apartment for the past 19 years. Never married, no kids. About 5 years ago, my until-then-unknown half-sister contacted me thru the net. Turns out I have 3 half-sisters, whom I share a father with. They told me that my father (whom I never knew) passed away several years before. After 6th grade, my mother married my stepfather, Bill, to whom she is married to this day. In the Mid-Nineties, I started seeing my first therapist, whom I saw for about 3-4 years. Some time passed in-between, and then I started seeing another therapist (this time a woman) for the past 10 years or so. I used to listen to National Public Radio at work, then I got hooked on internet radio comedy stations. Now I have several stand-up routines practically memorized: Robert Shimmel, Patton Oswalt, John Pinnette, Jim Norton, Doug Stanhope (all the “clean” comedians, wink-wink). Interests: Design/Drawing/Illustration/Animation. Movies, Science-Fiction, and Internet Radio Comedy. Music: Sort of stopped following pop music in the ’90’s, but like ANY good music anytime. I finally became mature and experienced enough to appreciate the blues. I used to collect movie soundtracks. Movies preferences: just about anything. Between VHS and DVD’s, at last count I had over 575 movies (no BlueRay yet). Science Fiction, of course, Japanese Anime, digital animation, special effects blockbusters. I used to have sophisticated taste (Fellini, Bergman, etc) then I worked for a video distributor… Television: It’s on constantly. “Big Bang Theory”, “Modern Family”, “Lost”, “Sons of Anarchy”, “Breaking Bad”, “Are you Being Served?”, “Smallville” (inconsistently) “Fringe” (when I remember). Books: Hermann Hesse, Harry Potter too, World War II era books, re-reading the “Wild Cards” series (if you don’t know what that is, you’re probably not interested). I’ve read some Conrad and Hugo, Hemmingway, but I keep coming back to sci-fi. Heroes: John Lennon (for his music, and for shunning the biz to raise Sean), George Harrison (for his music, for his openness in sharing his spirituality, and for deciding to keep his failing health out of the public eye). I guess it’s out of the bag: I am a Beatlemaniac!


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