Brother Ajax

I’d just watched “Kick-Ass” for the third time, and was inspired to do Big Daddy, who I think is a more-plausible version of Batman. However, as the under-drawings progressed, I got hung-up on the anatomy, and so this sort of evolved into just another muscled male figure. At the end, after first settling on the background you see, I added the eye-makeup, the dot on his head, and the emblem on his chest, just to sort of make a character of some sort out of him. The name was something I was kicking around from having recently watched the movie “Troy”. (Ajax was one of the Greek leader-warriors attacking the Trojans). I conceived of my character as thinking of himself as a reincarnation of the ancient/mythical Ajax, and that he is insane. This piece was done digitally from start to finish. No pencils involved, just a stylus.

Brother Ajax: final layout

Below are the steps from the final rough under-drawing (there were three under-drawings before that, that I failed to preserve) to the finished piece (save for the logotype and the final layout).

An animated gif of the above progression:

Before I settled on the final logotype, I tried a number of different fonts. Thanks to Kevin Parks for his input on this.