Mark Celis’ Online Illustration Portfolio

I guess it’s now LONG-past time that I set-up a one-stop link for an online “portfolio” of my illustrations. So: below are some of the best (in my opinion) of the past few years, displayed from the latest to the earliest, covering mostly the last five years. I hope you enjoy them.

“Sue Solare” for the 2013 National Paper Doll Convention

Face Detail for the above Illustration. This is a digital painting in Photoshop using a photo of an actress named Lauren Ambrose as reference, seen side-by-side for comparison.

02_Lauren Solare

Hit-Girl” from “Kick Ass” and “Kick Ass 2

“Hellboy” from “Hellboy” and “Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Laura Kinney (X 23)” Marvel Comics’ female version of their character “Wolverine”.


“Storm (Ororo)” from Marvel Comics’ “X-Men”.

A “Space-Babe” Practice for “Sue Solare” above.

Spider-Man after Todd McFarlane.


A Classic Supergirl

“Hank” interpretation of an original character for a Weekly Sketch Group challenge at

“American Woman” a sort of re-imagining of a “Wonder Woman” type character.

“Captain America” inspired by the recent movies.

“Green Lantern” inspired by the recent movie.


“Paradigm” an original character of mine.

A Stylized Portrait of a good friend and neighbor of mine

A “Skrull “ for a Weekly Sketch Group challenge at featuring the Villains of the “Fantastic Four”.

“Whiplash” an original character of mine.

I’m first and foremost a “cat” person, but I like dogs a lot, too.

“Flying Batman” a re-imagining of mine for Batman’s suit, with folding “wings”.

“‘NEW’ Batman” Another rendering of a re-design of mine for Batman’s suit.

“Dr. Manhattan” inspired by the movie “The Watchmen”.

“Corona” an original character of mine.

Another one of MANY “Space Gals” I’ve Illustrated over the past few years

“Elinore” one of the feature characters in Ralph Bakshi‘s classic animated movie “Wizards”

This “Space Girl” was during a period when I was emulating the great Chris Sanders. I leave it to you whether I succeeded.

A “Space Girl” taken from my sketch, then rendered in vector format in Adobe Illustrator

A character I created named “Trailer Trish”. Aliens always seem to be dropping in on the backwoods people.

“Bronze Bot” a photo-collage combined with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop elements to create a mechanoid in the “Steampunk” style.

“Cuddle Bear” Another piece started as a sketch, then rendered in Illustrator. I entered the name “Cuddle Bear” into a translation website to get the Kanji characters. I wanted a “J-Pop” feel to this piece.

“Robo-Ex” This piece was started as a simple Illustrator animation, which I later rendered-out, adding special lighting effects in Photoshop. Inspired by the online sci-fi comic series: “Varla Dayne”.

“‘Buck’ Celis” This self-portrait as myself as a “Buck Rogers” type was for a self-promtional flyer, advertising the design and graphics services of “Captain Quickdraw”.


Addicted to Photoshop

This week’s Weekly Sketch Group at Penciljack (heretofore to be referred to as “WSG”) includes the characters from “Kick-Ass”. And, yes, the WSG’s do tend to be influenced by upcoming comic-book movies. The “Pin-up” subject is “Batgirl”. So: I was kicking around an idea of doing Hit-Girl and Batgirl together, Batgirl saying to her: “I suppose I was your role-model growing up?”, to which Hit-Girl was going to say: “And,  you are?”

So I roughed out the poses, then started some Google Images research on Hit-Girl, as I wasn’t to familiar with her costume. Just for a study/preparation, I later did a sketch of Hit-Girl’s head, trying to capture her (and Chloe Moretz‘) features in general, although at this point, i wasn’t using references.

The head sketch, even though not leaned up, turned out (I think) pretty good, so, as only one other person had posted anything on the WSG this morning thus far, I was excited to post the sketch as a kind of placeholder for the piece I mentioned above, and be maybe the second guy to post on the group to boot.

After scanning it, and cleaning it up a (little, I swear), I was JUST gonna add some flat colors. It’s now 4:45 am Tuesday…………it sorta got away from me……………

The only bit of the original linework that remains is in the hair. Although I’d done the drawing without references, I had downloaded some really good, high-rez images of Chloe (Hit-Girl) close-up, and I religiously referred to three of them for the lighting and shading. I did more “frisketing” this time, to get the hard-edges. And I did use the smear tool quite a bit, with the spatter-shaped brush (whatever it’s named), but other than that, I didn’t use Photoshop “cheats”, except a few times I used the blur tool on spots, mostly to save time, but not as a habit on this piece.

(to be) Supergirl: Fighting Stance (NSFW)

I know. I’m SUPPOSED to be finishing “Supergirl-1943″, but I’ve been too intimidated. And I hadn’t done any drawing lately that showed my skills were up to THAT challenge……until now (at least IMO). THIS will be Supergirl, and as you’ve probably noticed, I usually start out with the nude (mostly because I’m still not that confident with cloth). And, since I wanted to preserve this drawing in this stage anyway, I thought I might as well put it up for you to critique. If it doesn’t get TOO picked-apart here, I’ll go on with it, but in any case–NOW is the time for changes, so have at it (please).

Supergirl: Fighting Stance, WIP (NSFW)

(Click image for larger view). Will be Supergirl in a fighting stance. I usually draw the nude first, as I’m still not completely comfortable drawing cloth.

Note: no references here (you may be thinking that it shows), but it is inspired by another artist’s drawing, though I didn’t look at it to draw this. THAT drawing is here: Superchick_by threetoedmidget

Supergirl ©DC Comics

Batgirl: Competition for Powergirl

I saw an episode of the Adam WestBatman” in which Barbara Gordon (Yvonne Craig) was on the beach in a revealingly low-cut one-peice bathing suit, and fell in lust. Naturally, then I drew out these pin-ups of Batgirl in a similarly inappropriate super-suit.

Batgirl, Barbara Gordon and PowerGirl ©DC Comics

Batgirl 00

Click image for larger view

Batgirl 01

Click image for larger view

The House of El

Recent tries at Powergirl, Supergirl (Tween and adult) and Superman, or: Kara, Karen and Kal……

Adult Supergirl. I reflected that this one shows considerable Loston Wallace influence, not that I’m comparing myself to him, or consider myself anywhere NEAR as talented……

Detail and variations of the same from when I was cleaning it up:

The latest in my attempts to draw a figure in forced perspective

Old Stuff 09 “Hubba-Hubba Woman” (from: 11-13-2010)

This is my FIRST ever drawing of Wonder Woman (I mostly have drawn Supergirl and PowerGirl). This is early after a 4 month period of NOT drawing, wherein I usually draw in a more cartoony style until I get my confidence and skills back up. I later did a more “decent” drawing of WW for a little girl in my building:

This is only the second drawing of Wonder Woman I’ve done ever. I’d done another (in a skimpier costume, and with greater, er, “assets”) , and while I was drawing, a little girl in my building asked if I could draw Wonder Woman (not realizing that I was drawing her right then). My neighbor said I should draw a more “decent” version, and give it to the girl. So this is my idea of a “little-girl-safe” Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman © DC Comics

Old Stuff 08 “Armor Girl” (from: 11-13-2010)

(Original Pencil)

(click image for larger view)

Armor Girl (Mock Cover) version 1
(click image for larger view)

Originally a re-design idea for Wonder Woman’s costume. This is a semi-action pose designed to show display her costume.

Armor Girl (Mock Cover) version 2
(click image for larger view)

Originally a re-design for Wonder Woman. Re-color of Version 1) to more clearly show the colors of her costume as they would be seen in white light. I’ve reversed some of colors in WW’s costume to better distinguish her as original.