Using the Adjustment-Layers in PhotoShop

An example of a layer mask which can be used o...

An example of a layer mask which can be used on another layer in an image editing application. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quick discussion of the “Adjustment Layers” in Photoshop CS. I posted this recently in my favorite Drawing Forum: Penciljack. I thought it just might be helpful to others new to Photoshop coloring, so I post it here, as well. I apologize for any confusion if the palettes and menus have changed dramatically in later versions.

I’ve placed an arrowhead above the icon on the bottom of the Layers Palette image here, and you can see that I’ve applied a layer mask to the layer. They’re called “Adjustment Layers”, and you have all the same choices with them that you do under the “Adjustments” menu under the “Image” menu. In my example, I have the “Color” layer above the “Background” layer, set to normal. Above that, I have my “Shading” layer, using about 50% grey, set to color burn. Above that, the “Lineart layer, and above that is a “Hue/Saturation” Adjustment layer (circled in red), with a layer mask so that it only affects the lips. I’ve used THIS layer to change the underlying layers to give me the red-lip color you see. You can also keep applying adjustment layers on top of that, changing them even further. You can also change the setting in any adjustment layer if you change your mind. As you can see, the Hue/Saturation layer ALSO changes the color of the linework in the lip area. To avoid that, just move the linework layer above the adjustment layer.

(click on the image below for a larger view)