1943 Batman Raygun Clip

Batman '43 Emblem

From the 1943 Columbia Pictures’ serial: “Batman”.

In “Chapter 4: Slaves of the Rising Sun”, Batman climbs atop a moving armored car, containing two of Dr. Daka’s henchmen. Using the Radium-Gun captured from the Doctor, he blasts his way in.Batman - Chapter 4: "Slaves of the Rising Sun" (title card)

Besides the title card, I captured several others of the titles sequence, combining them in Photoshop to get a clean version of the emblem, which is surprisingly consistent with Batman emblems throughout the character’s history. I matched the font as close as I could, and if any person out there knows the exact font used in the titles, I’d really like to know what it is.

Evil Dr Daka

The Evil Dr. Daka

I originally captured these three frames from the sequence, because of the dramatic, low-angle lighting on Batman, the position he was standing in, and because of the rareness of him holding ANY gun, let alone a RAY gun). I intend to do an illustration based on them. I put them together here in a gif to make a short animation.

Bat Radium-Gun animation




You can find a more detailed description of the serial and this episode here (along with many other images):
Legions of Gotham: Serial 1943

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(to be) Supergirl: Fighting Stance (NSFW)

I know. I’m SUPPOSED to be finishing “Supergirl-1943″, but I’ve been too intimidated. And I hadn’t done any drawing lately that showed my skills were up to THAT challenge……until now (at least IMO). THIS will be Supergirl, and as you’ve probably noticed, I usually start out with the nude (mostly because I’m still not that confident with cloth). And, since I wanted to preserve this drawing in this stage anyway, I thought I might as well put it up for you to critique. If it doesn’t get TOO picked-apart here, I’ll go on with it, but in any case–NOW is the time for changes, so have at it (please).

Supergirl: Fighting Stance, WIP (NSFW)

(Click image for larger view). Will be Supergirl in a fighting stance. I usually draw the nude first, as I’m still not completely comfortable drawing cloth.

Note: no references here (you may be thinking that it shows), but it is inspired by another artist’s drawing, though I didn’t look at it to draw this. THAT drawing is here: Superchick_by threetoedmidget

Supergirl ©DC Comics

Using the Adjustment-Layers in PhotoShop

An example of a layer mask which can be used o...

An example of a layer mask which can be used on another layer in an image editing application. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quick discussion of the “Adjustment Layers” in Photoshop CS. I posted this recently in my favorite Drawing Forum: Penciljack. I thought it just might be helpful to others new to Photoshop coloring, so I post it here, as well. I apologize for any confusion if the palettes and menus have changed dramatically in later versions.

I’ve placed an arrowhead above the icon on the bottom of the Layers Palette image here, and you can see that I’ve applied a layer mask to the layer. They’re called “Adjustment Layers”, and you have all the same choices with them that you do under the “Adjustments” menu under the “Image” menu. In my example, I have the “Color” layer above the “Background” layer, set to normal. Above that, I have my “Shading” layer, using about 50% grey, set to color burn. Above that, the “Lineart layer, and above that is a “Hue/Saturation” Adjustment layer (circled in red), with a layer mask so that it only affects the lips. I’ve used THIS layer to change the underlying layers to give me the red-lip color you see. You can also keep applying adjustment layers on top of that, changing them even further. You can also change the setting in any adjustment layer if you change your mind. As you can see, the Hue/Saturation layer ALSO changes the color of the linework in the lip area. To avoid that, just move the linework layer above the adjustment layer.

(click on the image below for a larger view)

“Stretchy” Green Lantern for Illustration Friday

This IS a bit of a “stretch”, but these elongated images of Green Lantern were my attempt at drawing a dramatic, “forced perspective” pose, which I haven’t been able to nail yet.

Green Lantern ©DC Comics