Brother Ajax

I’d just watched “Kick-Ass” for the third time, and was inspired to do Big Daddy, who I think is a more-plausible version of Batman. However, as the under-drawings progressed, I got hung-up on the anatomy, and so this sort of evolved into just another muscled male figure. At the end, after first settling on the background you see, I added the eye-makeup, the dot on his head, and the emblem on his chest, just to sort of make a character of some sort out of him. The name was something I was kicking around from having recently watched the movie “Troy”. (Ajax was one of the Greek leader-warriors attacking the Trojans). I conceived of my character as thinking of himself as a reincarnation of the ancient/mythical Ajax, and that he is insane. This piece was done digitally from start to finish. No pencils involved, just a stylus.

Brother Ajax: final layout

Below are the steps from the final rough under-drawing (there were three under-drawings before that, that I failed to preserve) to the finished piece (save for the logotype and the final layout).

An animated gif of the above progression:

Before I settled on the final logotype, I tried a number of different fonts. Thanks to Kevin Parks for his input on this.


Old Stuff 08 “Armor Girl” (from: 11-13-2010)

(Original Pencil)

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Armor Girl (Mock Cover) version 1
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Originally a re-design idea for Wonder Woman’s costume. This is a semi-action pose designed to show display her costume.

Armor Girl (Mock Cover) version 2
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Originally a re-design for Wonder Woman. Re-color of Version 1) to more clearly show the colors of her costume as they would be seen in white light. I’ve reversed some of colors in WW’s costume to better distinguish her as original.