Bruce Wayne Casts Batman’s Shadow

Batman '43 Emblem

From the 1943 Columbia Pictures’ serial: “Batman”.

Chapter 9_title cardIn Chapter 9: “The Sign of the Sphinx” Bruce Wayne disguises himself as Chuck White, a former boxer turned petty criminal-for-hire, in order to infiltrate Dr. Daka’s group of henchmen. While the henchmen question him (trying to determine if he’s legit), Chuck (Bruce) briefly casts a shadow on the wall that amazingly resembles the very profile he’d cast if he were in his Batman garb.

Batman's shadowBatman's Shadow_detailI don’t think this was intentional, but it’s just the sort of thing that had been done in comic books many times: Clark Kent casting Superman’s shadow, Peter Parker casting the shadow of Spiderman.C Bale_BM ShadowBruce casts Bat's shadow

Just another one of those little gems that keep popping up in this series, and which keeps me coming back for more.

And now, just for fun, and keeping in my “tradition” of including a little animation: Batman desperately trying to take off.


You can find a more detailed description of the serial and this episode here (along with many other images):
Legions of Gotham (Serial 1943)

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