Mark Celis’ Online Illustration Portfolio

I guess it’s now LONG-past time that I set-up a one-stop link for an online “portfolio” of my illustrations. So: below are some of the best (in my opinion) of the past few years, displayed from the latest to the earliest, covering mostly the last five years. I hope you enjoy them.

“Sue Solare” for the 2013 National Paper Doll Convention

Face Detail for the above Illustration. This is a digital painting in Photoshop using a photo of an actress named Lauren Ambrose as reference, seen side-by-side for comparison.

02_Lauren Solare

Hit-Girl” from “Kick Ass” and “Kick Ass 2

“Hellboy” from “Hellboy” and “Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Laura Kinney (X 23)” Marvel Comics’ female version of their character “Wolverine”.


“Storm (Ororo)” from Marvel Comics’ “X-Men”.

A “Space-Babe” Practice for “Sue Solare” above.

Spider-Man after Todd McFarlane.


A Classic Supergirl

“Hank” interpretation of an original character for a Weekly Sketch Group challenge at

“American Woman” a sort of re-imagining of a “Wonder Woman” type character.

“Captain America” inspired by the recent movies.

“Green Lantern” inspired by the recent movie.


“Paradigm” an original character of mine.

A Stylized Portrait of a good friend and neighbor of mine

A “Skrull “ for a Weekly Sketch Group challenge at featuring the Villains of the “Fantastic Four”.

“Whiplash” an original character of mine.

I’m first and foremost a “cat” person, but I like dogs a lot, too.

“Flying Batman” a re-imagining of mine for Batman’s suit, with folding “wings”.

“‘NEW’ Batman” Another rendering of a re-design of mine for Batman’s suit.

“Dr. Manhattan” inspired by the movie “The Watchmen”.

“Corona” an original character of mine.

Another one of MANY “Space Gals” I’ve Illustrated over the past few years

“Elinore” one of the feature characters in Ralph Bakshi‘s classic animated movie “Wizards”

This “Space Girl” was during a period when I was emulating the great Chris Sanders. I leave it to you whether I succeeded.

A “Space Girl” taken from my sketch, then rendered in vector format in Adobe Illustrator

A character I created named “Trailer Trish”. Aliens always seem to be dropping in on the backwoods people.

“Bronze Bot” a photo-collage combined with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop elements to create a mechanoid in the “Steampunk” style.

“Cuddle Bear” Another piece started as a sketch, then rendered in Illustrator. I entered the name “Cuddle Bear” into a translation website to get the Kanji characters. I wanted a “J-Pop” feel to this piece.

“Robo-Ex” This piece was started as a simple Illustrator animation, which I later rendered-out, adding special lighting effects in Photoshop. Inspired by the online sci-fi comic series: “Varla Dayne”.

“‘Buck’ Celis” This self-portrait as myself as a “Buck Rogers” type was for a self-promtional flyer, advertising the design and graphics services of “Captain Quickdraw”.


The Rose Bandit

Not too long ago, I posted a portrait (included again below) on another thread about my attempt at caricature (link), and described the background/project that led to the drawing with the text quoted below. (BTW: The figure is nude, because I still suck a drawing drapery, and I have to start with the figure anyway. Eventually, when I’m up to it, I’ll put him in his cowboy garb). Here, I’ve now included all of the studies I did for that project:

“I started drawing studies for a project I’d had in mind for several years now: an illustration of a pulp-hero, cowboy: the Rose Bandit.

(Click image for larger view)

This is my neighbor Matt’s self-appointed name, ’cause he’d often gone around the neighborhood, “stealing” roses off bushes that lay near the sidewalk on his way to or from somewhere. These he would then present to each of the women here in our apartment complex. Secondly: he is a big fan of Westerns, and has a pretty nice “cowboy” get up, when he wants to dress up. I’d always wanted to do an illustration of him as this cowboy/pulp hero called “The Rose Bandit” (dressed all in black, but with fancy trim and rose-themed embroidery. I always pictured him in a camera-at-low-angle stance, holding a rifle with one hand at his side, and the appropriate, turn-of-the-century lettering and scroll-work of “The Rose Bandit” behind his head.

(Click image for larger view)

(Click image for larger view)

(Click image for larger view)

Up until now, I never felt I had the chops to bring it off, and still don’t see that I do in the way I’d envisioned it, but that’s another story. I sketched out the position a couple of times, alternating drawing just the head a few times. I felt like I was repeating myself after about six sketches, and took a break. Later, having reviewed all those drawings, and never having been satisfied with the “portraits” of the Rose Bandit/Matt, I started another one in earnest. Note that ALL of these were without reference, and me just trying to get kinda close to Matt’s look in a generic way, who is tall, wiry and gaunt in the face.

(Click image for larger view)

This last portrait I drew began to strike me just how much it could be taken for Christ, and the more I looked at it that way, to more I decided that I had to at least scan it before I put the cowboy hat on him. And as I was contemplating this, I remembered that the “Rose” is a symbol of Christ, so then started coloring it in the computer with a mind to leave it so that it could be taken for Christ, but not insisting that it be so.”

(Click image for larger view)

(Click image for larger view)