(to be) Supergirl: Fighting Stance (NSFW)

I know. I’m SUPPOSED to be finishing “Supergirl-1943″, but I’ve been too intimidated. And I hadn’t done any drawing lately that showed my skills were up to THAT challenge……until now (at least IMO). THIS will be Supergirl, and as you’ve probably noticed, I usually start out with the nude (mostly because I’m still not that confident with cloth). And, since I wanted to preserve this drawing in this stage anyway, I thought I might as well put it up for you to critique. If it doesn’t get TOO picked-apart here, I’ll go on with it, but in any case–NOW is the time for changes, so have at it (please).

Supergirl: Fighting Stance, WIP (NSFW)

(Click image for larger view). Will be Supergirl in a fighting stance. I usually draw the nude first, as I’m still not completely comfortable drawing cloth.

Note: no references here (you may be thinking that it shows), but it is inspired by another artist’s drawing, though I didn’t look at it to draw this. THAT drawing is here: Superchick_by threetoedmidget

Supergirl ©DC Comics


The House of El

Recent tries at Powergirl, Supergirl (Tween and adult) and Superman, or: Kara, Karen and Kal……

Adult Supergirl. I reflected that this one shows considerable Loston Wallace influence, not that I’m comparing myself to him, or consider myself anywhere NEAR as talented……

Detail and variations of the same from when I was cleaning it up:

The latest in my attempts to draw a figure in forced perspective

Old Stuff 06 “2 Supergirls” (from: 11-13-2010 02:27pm)

This is another try at a forced-perspective pose (which didn’t happen, obviously). I ran out of room on the page to draw her right arm extended, so drew it bent. Thus the attitude was suggested to me, and so the caption.

(click on image for larger view)

I used a pose from a magazine as a positional reference. After I got the basic forms down, though, I refined it and embellished the details from my VAST knowledge of anatomy (PLEASE note my sarcastic tone). Trying to invoke a young version of Supergirl. More in my series of studies of the womanly tummy and legs. The caption was suggested by her pose to me.

(click on image for larger view)

Supergirl © DC Comics